Patrick Brandt
Camera Works Selection

„Akte D – banks out of control” 45’
Monday, January 28, 2019, 11:30 p.m. ARD
„In the Maze of Power!”  ARD  2018
Nominated for Grimme-Prize 2019
„employable me“  VOX  2018
Nominated for Grimme-Prize 2019
Nominated for German Television Prize 2019

„Struggle for Power – Who Follows Merkel?” 45'  ARD  2018
ZDFzeit: „Where is it best to live? Great Germany study“ 43'  ZDF  2018
„In the Maze of Power!“ 45' ARD  2018
ZDF-History: „Walter Ulbricht – his very secret double life” 42'  ZDF  2018
„Bimbes – The Black Accounts of Helmut Kohl" 75'  SWR / ARD  2017
Nominated for Grimme-Prize 2018
„Germany’s Big Clans: The Otto Versand Story“ 45'  ZDF  2017
„Stammheim – The RAF in Court“ 45'  ARD  2017
„Nervous Republic – One Year Germany“ 90'  ARD  2017
German Television Prize for Best Documentary 2018
ZDFZeit – „The Big Drogstore Test“ 45'  ZDF  2017
„Fight for Blood“ 45'  ARTE  2017
„Helmut Schmidt“ 45'  ZDF History  2016
„TERRA X – Migratory Birds“  2 x 45'  ZDF  2016  
„My Body – My Enemy – Tracking Autoimmune Diseases“ 45'  3sat  2016
„Migratory Birds – Scouts in Distant Worlds“ 90'  ARTE  2016
„Herbert Grönemeyer – Germany, Your Artists“ 45'  ARD  2016
„Heritage of the Nazis”, a documentary series about Postwar Germany, 5 x 45'  ZDF info  2016
„Hans Filbinger“ 45'  ARD  2015
Germany’s Dream Routes – „The Alpine Route“ 45'  ARTE  2015  /  „Silver Route“ 45'  ARTE  2015
„Helmut Kohl – Triumph and Tragedy“ 45'  ZDF History / Phoenix  2015
„Good Salt – Bad Salt” Science Documentary 45’  3sat  2014
„Google’s Secret Power“ 45’  ARD  2014
„H&M Versus C&A – The Duel“ 45’  ZDF Zeit  2014
„We’ve got the Cup – Behind the Scenes of the National Team 1990 and 1996“ 45’  ZDF  2014
„Green Poison” 45’  ARTE  2013
„William Trubridge – Apnoea Diver in Dean’s Blue Hole“  ARTE  2012
„Sperm Whales Before Domenica“ 45’  VOX  2007
„Hammerhead Sharks Before Cocos Island“  VOX  2005
„California Dreamin” 4 x 45’  ZDF/3sat  2001

REPORTAGE – Documentary Series
ARTE Re: „Surfing against Trauma” 35'  ARTE  2018
ARTE Re: „Coal or Forest – Fight for the Hambach Forest” 35'  ARTE  2018
ARTE Re: „Class Trip to Auschwitz – German Youth and the Holocaust“  ARTE  2018
ARTE Re: „Italy’s Lost Youth – Emigration as Opportunity“  ARTE  2018
ARTE Re: „Climate Protection on Sale? Insights in the UN Climate Conference" 30'  ARTE  2017
ARTE Re: „The Fight for Coal“ 35'  ARTE  2017
ARTE Re: „Germany Votes – Europe is on Edge“ 35'  ARTE  2017
„The Duel – Merkel versus Schulz“ 60'  ARD  2017
ARTE Re: „Hairstyles for a New “I” – How the Barber Angels „Help the Homeless“ 30'  ARTE  2017
#Beckmann – „Advancement for All? The Myth of Equal Chances“ 45'  ARD  2017
#Beckmann – „German Fighters in Iraq“  ARD  2015
Mare TV „Bahamas“ 45’  NDR  2014
360° GEO Reportage „Bahama Mamas“  ARTE  2012
360° GEO Reportage „The Rescue Dogs from Lake Garda“  ARTE  2011
360° GEO Reportage „The Perl Empire of Palawan“  ARTE  2010
360° GEO Reportage „Island of the Daffodils“  ARTE  2009
„Burning Man Festival“ 35'  VOX  2008
„Rheinschmidt’s Wild World“, in four parts with Dr. Matthias Rheinschmidt,  VOX  2012
„RWW Bahamas Special“ with Dr. Matthias Rheinschmidt  VOX  2012
„Beef Buddies“ Cooking for Real Guys  ZDFneo  2013 (Nominated for the Grimme Prize)
37° - The Reportage „Shoots All" 45’  ZDF  2002
„Mine Victims in Afghanistan – Hammer Forum“  RTL  1995
#Beckmann – „Trauma Break-in“  ARD  2015
„The ARAL System – Gas Station Leaseholder Under Pressure“ 30'  ZDFzoom  2015
„Refueling, Resting, Paying“ 45’  ZDFzoom  2014
The Story „The Opel Case“ 45’  WDR  2013

AIDA, A-ROSA, Daimler, BMW, Deichmann, Deutsche Bahn, Dorint Hotels & Resorts,
Jaguar, KPMG, Kempinski Luxus Hotels, Kyocera, LTU, Mercedes, Porsche, RAG,
RivieraPool, Ruhrkohle, STEAG etc.
Cinema Spots
Mario Adorf, Veronica Ferres, Brian Ferry, Justus Frantz, Herbert Grönemeyer,
Heinz Hönig, Grace Jones, Jürgen Klopp, Heidi Klum, Karl Lagerfeld, Henri Maske,
Ralf Möller, Verona Pooth, Claudia Schiffer, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Til Schweiger

VOXTOURS / Cloudless (1996 – 2008)
Afghanistan, Australia, Bahamas, Botswana, Canada, Caribbean, China, Costa Rica,
Cuba, Europe, Indonesia, Kenya, Namibia, Morocco, Oman, Philippines, Polynesia,
Senegal, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, USA, Venezuela etc.

TIERZEIT with Dirk Steffens (2000 –2007)
„Sperm Whales Before Domenica“
„Hammerhead Sharks Before Cocos Island“
„Black Mamba“, South Africa with Donald Strydom
„Humpback Whales“ in Polynesia with Dr. Michael Poole
„The Language of the Sharks“ Bahamas with Dr. Erich Ritter
„Lemon Sharks“ Bahamas with Dr. Samuel Gruber
„Bull Shark Project“ Bahamas with Dr. Erich Ritter
„Black Vultures and Condors“
„Tigers in Africa“ etc.
„Dirk and the Lions“ – „Dirk and the Cheetahs“ etc.

MAGAZINE Contributions
„hitec“  „NANO“
„Little Snob“
Pro 7          
„World of Wonders“  „Galileo“
Champions-League, Portraits, Background Reporting
„auto mobil“
„Könnes fights“ with Dieter Könnes
„Sport inside“
„Tagesschaum“ with Friedrich Küppersbusch (Nominated for the Grimme Prize)
„Terra Xpress“

„Quiz of the Germans“ with Frank Plasberg
„Animals of the Week“ by Frank Elstner
„B-trifft“ and „Kölner Treff“ with Bettina Böttinger

Reinhold Beckmann
Birgit Schrowange
Dirk Steffens, for Tierzeit from 2004 – 2007 worldwide en route